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Enjoy today's fresh Brittany Ferries discount: Sail, Stay and Save up to 20% on 2017 Holidays. Save 20% off with our 5 Brittany Ferries discounts as of February 2017. Brittany Ferries offers the widest choice of mile-saving routes to the best regions of France, with an unrivalled range of cruise ferry and high speed services, and the fastest route to Spain with a car. Arriving closer to the most popular regions means saving miles of unnecessary driving through busy Northern France, as well as money on fuel, tolls and overnight stops. And with less time behind the wheel, Brittany Ferries customers have more time to holiday.

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About Us

Brittany Ferries is one of the best and the oldest ferry service providers to tourists and companies to transport their goods. Breton Alex Gourvennec and a group of fellow Briton farm workers founded it in 1972.They basically started this company to sell their cauliflowers and artichokes to The UK as exports. Since then it has been doing successful business in this industry and is now the leading maritime carrier on the western and Central sea routes. This company was originally known as Armement Bretagne-Angleterre-Irelande or B.A.I. In short form. It was born on the New Year’s Day in 1973 under the French, British, and Breton flags. But as Britain entered the Common Market the company’s owner took a chance to remove the isolation of Brittany. In order to follow the quickest route to this new market across the western channel to Plymouth various other large shipping companies were contacted to take their consent in traveling on this route. These earlier efforts were successful and soon the company purchased its first very own freighter. The Breton farming groups who were the main founders of the company remain its shareholders even today.

Now the Brittany Ferries offers its customers a number of ferry and holiday trips for people to enjoy and relax around the world. They offer exciting travel packages for tourists who want to explore the world of water. In addition to the carrier services various amazing affordable holiday packages are also offered. All the holiday packages can be designed in customized basis as appropriate to different customers. These packages are suitable for small to large families to honeymoon couples. The packages can be easily bought online as well. 

Product quality and Service

With many years of experience, Brittany Ferries is known for providing high-quality product and service to its customers. Customers have always remained happy and satisfied. Brittany Ferries responds to customer queries and complaints quickly and really values their suggestions and advises. Customers can email the staff for their queries and complaints which will be replied back within twenty-four hours. Customers have been availing the various holiday packages again as have been always satisfied with the services provided. Brittany Ferries is the perfect online place to plan for your holidays to be remembered for a lifetime. Moreover for companies who want to transport the goods across the sea it is the best choice to send their good through them.

Discounts and Promotions

Brittany Ferries care a lot for its customers. The UK Promo gives so many discounts and promotional offers on its behalf. These offers help customers to save up on a lot of money. These discounts and promotions are in the form of Brittany Ferries Discount Code, Brittany Ferries Voucher Codes, and Brittany Ferries promotional codes. These codes are very easy to use. Customers need to enter the code before the final receipt is generated for the offer bought. In this way, the final receipt will only ask them to just ay for the discounted amount after the offer. For further information on discounts and promotions visit the link.

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